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Free your eyes from the shackles of the shutter

October 4, 2015  •  The Boston Globe

MASSACHUSETTS NATIVE Paul Theroux has roamed the world for decades, visiting countless countries and drawing on his experiences in dozens of published novels, short stories, and volumes of travel writing. He has been everywhere, or as close to everywhere as one man can manage in a peripatetic career. What Theroux doesn't know about how to travel probably isn't worth knowing.

Here's one lesson he has gleaned from a lifetime of roving: The best traveling is done without a camera.

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Abbas should have been jeered, not applauded, at the UN

September 30, 2015  •  The Boston Globe

MAHMOUD ABBAS addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday in his capacity as "President of State of Palestine," or so the official text posted on the UN website identifies him.

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When the General Assembly votes, the US should abstain

September 28, 2015  •  The Boston Globe

EACH YEAR, the United Nations General Assembly passes a resolution condemning the US economic embargo on Cuba. Each year, the United States, joined by a dwindling number of friends, votes against the resolution. Passage is a foregone conclusion. The vote last year was 188-2.

The resolution has no legal effect. It is merely a vehicle for inveighing against Washington, and for pretending that communist Cuba's long record of economic failure and human-rights abuse is somehow the fault of the United States.

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Bulger wasn't hardwired to be a murderer. No one is

September 23, 2015  •  The Boston Globe

ON THE JEWISH calendar, today is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It marks the culmination of the Days of Awe, the solemn period of introspection that began 10 days ago on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Like many Jews, I have been thinking about the themes of this season — repentance and forgiveness, wrongdoing and reconciliation.

I have also been thinking about Johnny Depp.

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Opinion polling's heyday has come and gone

September 20, 2015  •  The Boston Globe

AS THE Republican presidential hopefuls converged for their debate at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif., each was hoping to reap political advantage from the national TV exposure. But for most of the candidates who would appear on the stage, any hope of a surge was, at best, a longshot. After all, virtually every poll since the beginning of the campaign had shown the same candidate in the lead: the brash New Yorker with the multiple ex-wives and the take-no-prisoners style.

Is that a description of Donald Trump heading into last Wednesday night's CNN debate?

Or is it about Rudy Giuliani, heading into the GOP debate at the same Reagan shrine eight years ago?

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