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Want to fire your congressman? There's a fund for that

May 20, 2018  •  The Boston Globe

NORBERT RICHTER, an engineer whose business is the construction of ultra-light turbine helicopters, has a knack for getting innovative contraptions off the ground. That skill may prove handy as he attempts to gain altitude for a different sort of vehicle: a scheme to disrupt the shield of incumbency that makes it almost impossible to dislodge a sitting member of Congress.

Richter has created Fire Your Congressman, a political action committee designed to help candidates of any party who challenge incumbent senators and representatives.

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The world needs a policeman, and there is no alternative to America

May 16, 2018  •  The Boston Globe

When George W. Bush ran for president in 2000, it was on a platform of lowering America's international profile and not trying to solve all the world's problems.

"I'm not so sure the role of the United States is to go around the world saying, 'This is the way it's got to be,' " Bush argued in a debate with Al Gore. He would be extremely reluctant to deploy US military forces, he said, and saw no need for America to concern itself with nation-building abroad.

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The Palestinians' real 'nakba'

May 13, 2018  •  The Boston Globe

SEVENTY YEARS AGO this month, on May 14, 1948, the state of Israel proclaimed its independence. The next day, a story in The New York Times — "Jews In Grave Danger In All Moslem Lands" — reported that Jewish communities throughout the Arab world were under siege. Jews were starting to be fired from their jobs and terrorized into fleeing. Across the region, said the Times, "the stage is being set for a tragedy of incalculable proportions."

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What's so great about John McCain?

May 9, 2018  •  The Boston Globe

'THE ONLY FATE we cannot escape is our mortality," wrote John McCain in 2005, in the introduction to one of his books. Death, of course, is inevitable. But everything that matters most in life — especially decency — is a choice.

"It is your character, and your character alone, that will make your life happy or unhappy," McCain wrote. "That is all that really passes for destiny. And you choose it."

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If Trump wants to be the Deregulator-in-Chief, his work is just beginning

April 24, 2018  •  The Boston Globe

AS A CANDIDATE for president in 2008, Barack Obama insisted that one of the biggest problems in America was a shortage of federal regulations. He lambasted his opponent, Republican John McCain, for calling himself a "deregulator." He blamed the nation's economic crisis on deregulation run amok — on policies designed to "strip away regulations, consumer protections, [and] let the market run wild."

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