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'God bless America,' with irony

July 30, 2014  •  The Boston Globe

IT WAS BILLED as a "Stop the Invasion" rally, and it drew thousands of protesters to the steps of the State House on Saturday. Outraged by Governor Deval Patrick's proposal that Massachusetts shelter some of the unaccompanied minors from Central America who have been surging across the border, the crowd chanted: "Send them home! Send them home!"

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Nixon: Painfully shy, but craving great purpose

July 27, 2014  •  The Boston Globe

PERFECT CANDOR wasn't Richard Nixon's strong suit. But he spoke the gospel truth when he described himself as "an introvert in an extrovert's profession." He was one of the most successful political campaigners of the 20th century: winning election to both houses of Congress, serving two terms as Dwight Eisenhower's vice president, and twice winning the White House in his own right — the second time by a 49-state landslide.

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No, inverters aren't 'deserters'
It's not patriotic to overpay corporate taxes

July 23, 2014  •  The Boston Globe

THE CORPORATE inversions just keep on coming, and the White House and its allies are calling them unpatriotic. But it's a funny sort of "patriotism" that insists American businesses put the Treasury's insatiable appetite for revenue ahead of the best interests of their customers, shareholders, and employees.

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On Israel, Democrats are losing moral clarity

July 21, 2014  •  The Boston Globe

THE PEW Research Center last week released a new survey of American attitudes in the Middle East. The results weren't surprising. In the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, 51 percent of Americans say they sympathize more with Israel. Only 14 percent feel greater affinity for the Palestinians.

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Don't like the Constitution? Amend it

July 16, 2014  •  The Boston Globe

TO THE CONSTITUTION'S 27 amendments, Senate Democrats would like to add a 28th.

The Senate Judiciary Committee last week approved a resolution to amend the Constitution by empowering Congress to regulate the amount of money that could be raised or spent in federal election campaigns, and granting state governments the same authority in state elections.

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