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One of the best ideas in human history

May 28, 2017  •  The Boston Globe

AS YOU MAY have heard, there is a movement abroad in the land to make America great again. To hear The New Yorker's Adam Gopnik tell it, it was never great in the first place.

"What if it was a mistake from the start?" asks the magazine's longtime essayist and critic. "The Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, the creation of the United States of America — what if all this was a terrible idea, and what if the injustices and madness of American life since then have occurred not in spite of the virtues of the Founding Fathers but because of them?"

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Loving across the color line

May 24, 2017  •  The Boston Globe

MORE THAN half a century after Martin Luther King Jr. exhorted Americans to judge each other by the content of their character, obsessive racialists continue to insist that people must be judged by the color of their skin.

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Be wary of a Trump feeding frenzy

May 21, 2017  •  The Boston Globe

SCANDALS CASCADE over the Trump administration. With each news cycle comes another revelation of apparent malfeasance or ineptitude. Only four months into Donald Trump's presidency, there is talk of impeachment or removal via the 25th Amendment. The Justice Department has appointed a special prosecutor. The president's approval rating is down to an abysmal 38 percent.

And Trump's ardent defenders are slamming the media for turning coverage of the president into a "bloodsport."

Are they wrong?

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Drag away the statues

May 17, 2017  •  The Boston Globe

AMID THREATS of violence and white-supremacist protests, the city of New Orleans has begun removing four Confederate monuments, among them statues of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis, the supreme military and political leaders of the Southern rebellion against the United States.

The Confederate monuments are memorials to the vilest cause in American history. The South went to war for one reason above all: to perpetuate the enslavement of black Americans. The dismantling of the statues is a long-overdue act of moral hygiene; it is appalling that they were ever erected in the first place. What other nation tolerates grand public memorials to its traitors?

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A health-care debate to die for

May 14, 2017  •  The Boston Globe

THE ANONYMOUS comment sections of many publications are notorious for their incivility and malignant smears. But in the debate over replacing Obamacare with a Republican alternative, the American Health Care Act, the online trolls and fever-swamp fanatics have been hard to distinguish from mainstream politicians, journalists, and commentators.

Listen to some what passes for political discourse these days.

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