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Up and down — but mostly up — the income ladder

May 29, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

TWO RESEARCHERS at the Bank of Italy have documented something remarkable about Florence, the gorgeous Tuscan capital where the Medicis ruled and the Renaissance was born: The city's wealthiest residents today are descended from its wealthiest families six centuries ago.

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Weld for VP? He'd get my vote

May 25, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

WILLIAM WELD ran for governor of Massachusetts in 1990 on a platform of unabashed libertarian conservatism, and for one brief shining moment after taking office in January 1991, he actually seemed to mean it. In his inaugural address, he declared that the people of Massachusetts had "voted to disenthrall themselves from the failed dogmas of big government." He committed himself to making state government better by making it smaller, cheaper, and more humble: "Sometimes the most helpful thing to do," Weld said, "is to get out of the way."

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Why 'antidumping' tariffs should be dumped

May 22, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

CHINA PRODUCES more than 820 million tons of steel per year, of which about 100 million tons are exported and sold at a discount overseas. Only about 3 percent of those exports go to the United States, but American steel producers bristle at the competition. So in keeping with the time-honored practice of the US steel industry — "the backbone of American manufacturing," as it proudly calls itself — domestic producers are rising to the challenge.

Are they doing so by making their operations more efficient? By improving the quality of the steel they sell? By cutting their prices to maintain market share in the face of a tough competitor?

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A terrible weapon that achieved much good

May 15, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

EVEN AFTER seven decades, the American bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki generates controversy. President Obama's planned visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial next week is sure to revive once more the debate over Harry Truman's decision to drop the atomic bombs that destroyed the two Japanese cities, killing 200,000 people and forcing Japan's unconditional surrender.

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Killing us softly with overregulation

May 11, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

IN 2011, President Obama signed an executive order directing federal agencies to scrutinize their rulebooks with an eye to removing outdated regulations that were smothering the economy. "We are . . . making it our mission to root out regulations that conflict, that are not worth the cost, or that are just plain dumb," he explained at the time. The intention, said the president, was to get rid of "excessive, inconsistent, and redundant regulation" and to "reduce the burdens regulations may place on small businesses."

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