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The end of Holocaust remembrance

May 1, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

LONG BEFORE the Holocaust had run its course, there was already a desperate urge to keep it from being forgotten. In hiding and on the run, amid the shadows of gas chambers and the smoke of crematoria, Jews frantically sought ways to bear witness to the enormities of the Nazis. Surrounded by horror, anticipating their own deaths, they appealed to the future: Remember.

In his Nobel Prize lecture in 1986, Elie Wiesel recalled the eminent historian Simon Dubnov, who over and over implored his fellow inhabitants in the Riga ghetto: "Yiddin, schreibt un farschreibt" — "Jews, write it all down."

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Let patients pay the piper, and the price of health care will fall

April 24, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

SHE WENT to the doctor, the one at the downtown hospital she's been going to for years, for her annual physical in January. She showed her insurance card when she checked in, and confirmed that the details hadn't changed. The doctor gave her a clean bill of health, renewed her prescriptions, and updated her medical record. It was a routine visit, and she gave it little further thought.

Until a bill arrived this week.

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Delegate rules aren't 'rigged' just because Trump doesn't like them

April 20, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

IN RECENT weeks, Donald Trump has been bellyaching that the Republican Party's presidential nominating rules are unfair. "It's a rigged, disgusting, dirty system," the front-runner fumes. He argues that "whoever gets the most delegates should win," and not be bound by the "artificial" and "random" provision of an actual majority. And he lashes out at a "corrupt and crooked" system that empowers party officials and activists to choose those delegates in county and state caucuses. "That's not the way democracy is supposed to work," he complains.

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The Obama doctrine has made the world more dangerous

April 17, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

FIVE YEARS AGO, President Obama hailed the military campaign in Libya that toppled Muammar Gadafhi as one of the foreign-policy triumphs of his presidency. Today he calls Libya his worst mistake. But though he may have changed his grade from an A to an F, his commitment to "leading from behind" — a euphemism for American passivity and abdication — hasn't budged.

On the day Gadafhi was killed in October 2011, Obama took a victory lap. "Our brave pilots have flown in Libya's skies, our sailors have provided support off Libya's shores, and our leadership at NATO has helped guide our coalition," he declared. "Without putting a single US service member on the ground, we achieved our objectives."

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The happiest of happy warriors
Barbara Anderson, RIP

April 11, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

IT WOULD BE overstating the case to claim that nobody disliked Barbara Anderson, the irrepressible "tax-cut tigress" who for nearly 40 years was the best-known taxpayer activist in Massachusetts.

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