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Have more kids; save the world

August 24, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL, humankind has regarded it as a blessing to be fruitful and multiply.

Not Travis Rieder.

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Voters Trump drives from the GOP aren't likely to return

August 21, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

OF ALL the ways in which Donald Trump's effect on the Republican Party is unlike Ronald Reagan's, this may be the most telling: Younger voters were overwhelmingly attracted to the Reagan GOP, while the Republican Party led by Trump overwhelmingly repels them.

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Let us now praise famous nonpoliticians

August 17, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

FROM HOUSE SPEAKER Paul Ryan's office comes word of an event to be held next month in Statuary Hall, one of the US Capitol's grandest chambers. Under a law dating from 1864, each state may be represented in the Capitol by statues honoring two of its (deceased) citizens who were "illustrious for their historic renown." Ohio is about to add a new statue to the collection: a bronze likeness of Thomas Edison, larger than life and holding an incandescent light bulb — arguably the greatest invention of the greatest inventor in American history.

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Reward organ donors, and thousands of lives will be saved

August 7, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

HOWARD BROADMAN is a retired California judge with an active private practice as an arbitrator. He is also the grandfather of a little boy named Quinn, who was born with serious kidney problems. In time Quinn will require regular dialysis to stay alive until he's eligible for a kidney transplant. Broadman would gladly have donated one of his own kidneys to save his grandson's life. But Quinn is still too young for a transplant — and by the time he's ready, his grandfather will be too old.

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Palestinian athletes deserve better than Jibril Rajoub

August 3, 2016  •  The Boston Globe

"THE GOAL of Olympism," proclaims the Olympic Charter, "is to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity."

Well, that's one approach. Jibril Rajoub takes a somewhat different view.

Rajoub, a longtime senior official of Fatah, the militant Palestinian faction founded by Yasser Arafat, harshly condemns efforts to promote good will through athletics, at least when the athletes include Israelis. "Any activity of normalization in sports with the Zionist enemy," he declares, "is a crime against humanity."

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