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Arguable: Vote in haste, repent at leisure
Feb 24, 2020

The president who was not a politician
Feb 16, 2020

Should it be illegal to sit out an election?
Feb 12, 2020

'Birth tourism' isn't a serious problem. The White House attack on it is
Feb 10, 2020

More impeachments, please
Feb 9, 2020

The State of the Union? Let's get it in writing
Jan 29, 2020

'Never Again,' again and again
Jan 27, 2020

My father survived the Holocaust. That molded my worldview
Jan 27, 2020

As Harry and Meghan 'step back,' Queen Elizabeth steps up
Jan 22, 2020

The war to liberate Iraq was just, even if it's no longer popular to say so
Jan 19, 2020

Democratic debate so white? So what?
Jan 14, 2020

Make presidential debates worth watching
Jan 12, 2020

No matter what candidates say, America isn't leaving the Middle East anytime soon
Jan 8, 2020

Politicians are only human
Jan 5, 2020

Jew-haters, right and left
Dec 31, 2019

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