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Trump is wrong on terror and the green-card lottery
Nov 5, 2017

Tolls on the highways? Repeal the gas tax first
Nov 1, 2017

Life is annoying. Don't make it worse
Oct 29, 2017

Spain clamors for a 'two-state solution' — but not in Catalonia
Oct 25, 2017

Liberate government workers from forced union fees
Oct 22, 2017

On the death penalty, Francis is going where no pope has gone before
Oct 18, 2017

If you can pay for aspirin, you can pay for birth control
Oct 11, 2017

Abusive gerrymandering can be stopped, but not by judges
Oct 4, 2017

'Lies' in political campaigns should be refuted, not prosecuted
Oct 1, 2017

Let's stop taking the national anthem out to the ballgame
Sep 27, 2017

As Kurds vote for independence, Americans should cheer
Sep 20, 2017

Above the Arctic Circle, a Cold War Rosh Hashana
Sep 17, 2017

Bribes — er, incentives — for Amazon
Sep 13, 2017

A chance for Congress to get its mojo back
Sep 10, 2017

America's melting pot and America's Muslims
Sep 3, 2017

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