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With COVID-19, every disagreement became a culture-war flashpoint
Oct 13, 2021

Legalizing assisted suicide would send a devastating message
Oct 10, 2021

Who will defend Iraq's courageous peacemakers?
Oct 6, 2021

As murders increase, support for the death penalty will too
Oct 3, 2021

As Washington debates the debt limit, the hypocrisy is at flood tide
Sep 26, 2021

Will Bobby Kennedy's killer go free?
Sep 25, 2021

The sins we commit with words
Sep 15, 2021

Since 9/11, Americans have embraced their Muslim neighbors
Sep 5, 2021

Sirhan should die behind bars
Sep 1, 2021

What would Bin Laden say?
Aug 30, 2021

Should the unvaccinated pay the price for their folly?
Aug 29, 2021

New Zealand is back in a lockdown time warp
Aug 25, 2021

Love across the color line
Aug 22, 2021

Afghanistan and the 'forever war' myth
Aug 17, 2021

The virtue-signaling stock exchange
Aug 15, 2021

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