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Lower the voting age? Let's raise it instead
Mar 17, 2019

Why the 'excellent' Electoral College is well worth keeping
Mar 13, 2019

Good policy, bad policymaking, and the 2020 census fight
Feb 24, 2019

Voter ID laws aren't worth fighting over
Feb 21, 2019

The Republican president who alienated Republicans
Feb 17, 2019

To soak the rich, keep tax rates low
Feb 10, 2019

The government shutdown was expected to damage the economy. It didn't.
Feb 6, 2019

Bill Weld's true north is that he has no true north
Feb 3, 2019

In the Balkans, diplomacy wins a round
Jan 30, 2019

If Trump backs down on a wall, MAGA Nation won't bolt
Jan 27, 2019

A less religious America will be a less generous America
Jan 23, 2019

As MLK foresaw, racism in America has been largely overcome
Jan 20, 2019

In extolling 'honorable' tyrants, Trump shames America
Jan 16, 2019

The PC commissars vs. Bryan Cranston
Jan 13, 2019

Is the bike-lane fever breaking?
Jan 9, 2019

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