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The death penalty, humane and painless

March 21, 2018  •  The Boston Globe

OKLAHOMA PLAYED a key role in the effort to make capital punishment more humane.

It was Oklahoma's state medical examiner who in 1977 proposed lethal injections as a less painful, less violent method of executing murderers than hanging or the electric chair. A few years later, lethal injection was used for the first time to put a condemned killer to death. Soon Oklahoma's innovation was the primary method of execution in nearly every state with the death penalty on its books.

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Clinton tumbles down the 'marriage gap'

March 18, 2018  •  The Boston Globe

IT HAS BEEN nearly 17 months since Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, yet she can't seem to stop talking about her defeat, or all the culprits she holds responsible.

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Deval Patrick for president? Democrats could do a lot worse

March 14, 2018  •  The Boston Globe

IF DEMOCRATS are inclined in 2020, as they were in 1960, 1988, and 2004, to nominate a presidential candidate from Massachusetts, they could do a lot worse than choose former governor Deval Patrick, who told an interviewer recently that a bid for the White House "is on my radar screen."

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China's corporate tools

March 11, 2018  •  The Boston Globe

THE JOB Roy Jones landed at Marriott International's "customer engagement" center in Omaha didn't pay much. He got $14 an hour to work the night shift monitoring Marriott's accounts on Twitter and other social-media platforms. On a typical night, Jones might see 300 tweets mentioning the hotel chain, and would respond as seemed appropriate. So when he saw a tweet from Friends of Tibet on Jan. 9 praising Marriott for including Tibet (along with Hong Kong and Taiwan) in a survey it had mailed to members of its rewards program, he did the natural thing: He "liked" it on behalf of Marriott Rewards.

Five days later, he was fired.

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The 'scandal-free' Obama administration? An urban legend

March 7, 2018  •  The Boston Globe

AS IT TURNED OUT, Barack Obama's super-secret speech at MIT last month — the one that was so far off the record that no one was permitted to stream it, or talk about it to the press, or comment about it on social media — contained nothing that remotely justified such hugger-mugger.

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