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Jeff Jacoby
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Writings by Topic: 2020 Presidential Campaign

Title Publication Date
The case against fracking is based on ideology, not science The Boston Globe September 15, 2019
Newsrooms won't be saved by Bernie Sanders' socialist nostrums The Boston Globe September 1, 2019
Statehood for DC? That's a nonstarter The Boston Globe August 11, 2019
What to Frederick Douglass is the "Douglass Plan"? Arguable July 15, 2019
Biden was right. Busing was wrong The Boston Globe July 3, 2019
Democrats are having a socialist moment, but it won't last The Boston Globe June 30, 2019
Would-be presidents can't wait to rule by fiat The Boston Globe June 23, 2019
Temptation, the Talmud, and the Pope Arguable June 17, 2019
Don't dump the filibuster — restore it to its former glory The Boston Globe April 14, 2019
Reparations for slavery are unworkable — and unjust The Boston Globe March 31, 2019
Bill Weld's true north is that he has no true north The Boston Globe February 3, 2019
Break the Iowa/New Hampshire duopoly The Boston Globe December 6, 2018
Elizabeth Warren, typical white person The Boston Globe October 17, 2018
If politics worked the way the Food Network works The Boston Globe June 3, 2018
Deval Patrick for president? Democrats could do a lot worse The Boston Globe March 14, 2018

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