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Jeff Jacoby
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Writings by Topic: Joe Biden

Title Publication Date
The most important election (since the last election) The Boston Globe October 14, 2020
Here come the dumbest presidential debates in history The Boston Globe August 9, 2020
In the race for the White House, it's protectionist vs. protectionist The Boston Globe July 15, 2020
Biden's best VP choice: Val Demings The Boston Globe May 17, 2020
Would Biden want Warren for VP? Don't count on it. The Boston Globe April 22, 2020
Coronavirus has forced Biden far from his comfort zone — and it shows The Boston Globe March 25, 2020
A self-quarantine that changed the world Arguable March 16, 2020
'Moderate' Joe Biden has moved way to the left The Boston Globe March 11, 2020
Biden was right. Busing was wrong The Boston Globe July 3, 2019
Your father's Republican Party has vanished. His Democratic Party has, too The Boston Globe May 30, 2018
Many presidents have known the grief of burying a child The Boston Globe October 11, 2015

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