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Title Publication Date
Russia's chemical attacks in Ukraine are another 'red line' The Boston Globe April 10, 2024
Sanders's foreign policy 'revolution' is a string of leftist clichés The Boston Globe March 20, 2024
How to 'feel better' about Ukraine (according to John Kerry) Arguable March 12, 2024
Navalny is gone, but the 'virus of freedom' is spreading The Boston Globe March 6, 2024
No time to go wobbly on Ukraine The Boston Globe December 17, 2023
Waiting for health care in Canada Arguable December 12, 2023
The real reason an 'America First' mindset dominates the Republican base The Boston Globe October 4, 2023
Victory, not détente, is the right American strategy toward Beijing The Boston Globe August 27, 2023
It is long past time for NATO to admit Ukraine The Boston Globe July 9, 2023
The man in the olive green sweatshirt The Boston Globe / Arguable December 29, 2022
Putin's phony vote The Boston Globe October 2, 2022
Gorbachev failed. That's why he was showered with honors. The Boston Globe September 4, 2022
For Putin, a self-own for the history books The Boston Globe May 22, 2022
When Stalin and Hitler were allies Arguable May 9, 2022
The UN Human Rights Council makes a mockery of human rights The Boston Globe April 10, 2022
What gaffe? Of course Putin should not be in power. The Boston Globe March 30, 2022
The Iran nuclear deal may be imploding. Good. The Boston Globe March 16, 2022
Sorry, Tom Cotton: Trump is no Reagan The Boston Globe March 13, 2022
To avoid Ukraine's fate, Taiwan needs nuclear missiles — now The Boston Globe March 2, 2022
A pistol aimed at NATO's flank Arguable February 28, 2022
Putin's phony grievance The Boston Globe February 9, 2022
As Russia gears up to invade Ukraine, the West faces a choice The Boston Globe December 26, 2021
The slaves of Nubia Arguable December 23, 2019
A bigger NATO has been a better NATO The Boston Globe May 26, 2019
Mueller's report means impeachment won't happen The Boston Globe April 21, 2019
Your guess is as good as theirs The Boston Globe January 2, 2019
Trump doesn't care about Montenegro. He should. The Boston Globe July 25, 2018
Trump's Russia policies are proving surprisingly tough The Boston Globe December 27, 2017
Drag away the statues The Boston Globe May 17, 2017
It'll take more than tanks to keep Putin from the Baltics The Boston Globe June 28, 2015
Putin's Russia is a gangster regime The Boston Globe March 4, 2015
Weapons, not blankets, are what Ukraine needs now The Boston Globe February 4, 2015
This is no time to go wobbly on Ukraine The Boston Globe March 19, 2014
'Leading from behind' to a new world disorder The Boston Globe February 2, 2014
Back in the USSR The Boston Globe August 13, 2008
The power of presidential solidarity The Boston Globe June 23, 2005
Putin's cruel war is fueled by US dollars The Boston Globe October 28, 1999
With Primakov, it's back to the Cold War The Boston Globe September 17, 1998
All the wrong moves in Moscow The Boston Globe May 4, 1995
Chechnya: The fruits of US silence The Boston Globe January 19, 1995

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
When They Come For Us, We'll Be Gone: The Epic Struggle to Save Soviet Jewry
by Gal Beckerman
Commentary March 2011

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